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6 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner (I know…we can’t believe it either), it’s time to start planning how you are going to spread some much needed holiday cheer. Whether it’s for your company, event, friends, or family, virtual holiday parties are the perfect way to connect and celebrate this wonderful time of the year. Check out some of our favorite virtual holiday party ideas below!


1. Holiday Themed Trivia

We all love a little healthy competition, especially when it involves trivia. Holiday themed trivia is the perfect way to connect, interact, and test the brains of your group. This relaxed game is a great way to kick off the holiday season virtually. Maybe even consider adding in a mixologist who will lead your group in creating the perfect festive cocktail before the trivia game begins.

2. Festive Baking + Cooking Classes

Nothing screams the holidays quite like FOOD. Give everyone the opportunity to learn delicious recipes from top chefs. Whether it’s yummy comfort foods or festive baked goods, your attendees will leave this event with full bellies and feeling like the next Martha Stewart. This is the perfect option for your attendees’ families at home to get involved as well. This interactive experience is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Winter Themed Painting + Sips

Let your artistic side go wild this holiday season! This fun and relaxing holiday party experience is a great way to bring your event attendees together. Enjoy a night of painting, chatting, and sipping your drink of choice while being led by an experienced painter. This experience is perfect for all skill levels and is another fun way to get your attendee’s families involved!

4. Musical Performance of Holiday Classics + Mixologist

Enjoy a night of your favorite holiday classics while sipping a festive holiday cocktail! Holiday music performed by an up-and-coming artist is a great way to spread joy throughout the season. Make each of your attendees their own bartender for the night as they learn how to make the perfect cocktail from a professional mixologist. Customize this experience to fit your specific event perfectly!

5. Mulled Wine + Yoga

We could all use a little R&R this time of year! This is a great way to give your attendees a self-care session that is always much needed during this busy season. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or another wellness session, this is a great way to bring your attendees together for a relaxing time. Craft and sip delicious mulled wine throughout the session as it adds to the holiday themed ambiance.

6. Santa Surprise

We all love surprises, especially when it’s the holidays! Surprise your virtual event attendees with Santa to get everyone in the holiday spirit. No, this isn’t just for kids. Santa can “hack” into your event and provide some much appreciated comedic relief. Maybe you have some exciting news to share with your team/event attendees and want a special, holiday themed way to share it? The options are endless with Santa…he’s just that magical!

Each year, everyone looks forward to holiday parties where they are able to connect, relax, and celebrate with good company. Just because your event is going virtual doesn’t mean it has to be any less memorable or festive. With these holiday party ideas, you are sure to create a festive, joy-filled experience for your attendees. And after this year…I think we could all use a little extra joy!

Need help making your virtual holiday party happen? Contact us at support@bookwitheva.com to learn more about booking these holiday-themed options for your event.

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