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Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Event

Entertainment Ideas to Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

Corporate events can be organized for different purposes and with different goals in mind, but choosing the right kind of entertainment for any type of corporate event is always part of the package.

Getting together with co-workers can be a lot of fun, but you can’t just throw a bunch of people into a room and expect them to engage with each other if there is not much else going on. Quality entertainment and interactive experiences is a great way to make this happen.

There are all kinds of entertainers who can make your corporate event stand out from the crowd. So, here are some corporate event entertainment ideas that can give a special touch to your big occasion.

Musicians and DJs For Corporate Event

Depending on the type of corporate event you are organizing, music can be the main attraction. It’s important to find the right musician for your corporate event to make it a hit with your audience, and luckily, there is a whole range of genres and styles that you can choose from.

But before making a choice, you should consider a few things. What is the predominant age group of your guests? What is the purpose of the entertainment? Do you want music that will play in the background to let your guests mingle, or do you want an immersive music experience that will be the main focus of your event?

If you’re looking for background music to let everyone wine, dine and network, you can go with a jazz trio or a string quartet, or a singer and pianist duo to play some easy lounge music.

But if you’re more into throwing a spectacle and getting everyone fired up, you can book a thrilling DJ, a Hip-Hop ensemble, or a cover band that will electrify the atmosphere with everyone’s favorite hits.

Corporate Events Specialty Acts

Corporate events can be a lot of fun for everyone, but sometimes the people want to see something more unique than a musical performance. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving and new acts and performers are emerging onto the scene every day.

Specialty acts can be the spark you need to make your event more memorable, and memorable events are more likely to be successful in achieving your goals. They can give you a unique opportunity to truly show off your company’s personality and culture to your guests.

You can have a fire dancer who will add some extra sizzle and light up the stage with gigantic fire creations, or a circus troupe that will take you guests’ breath away with spectacular acrobatics.

If you’re a fan of comedy or a good magic show, there are also comedy magicians who combine hysterical laughter with mind-blowing tricks, giving your guests an unforgettable experience with the best of both worlds.

Speakers or Emcees For Corporate Events

Corporate events are not always focused on entertaining. Sometimes their primary focus is educating and being a platform to share ideas. A keynote speaker can be both entertaining as well as provide inspiration to your guests and help them learn something new.

There’s a whole range of themes to choose from when hiring a guest speaker, so you want to make sure it’s something relevant to your event’s attendees.

It can be an industry expert from your line of work that will provide useful educational content, or a purely motivational speaker who will boost your employees’ morale and give them tools to increase their productivity.

You can also hire an emcee who can host your corporate event and make sure everything runs smoothly, but also set the tone of the atmosphere and add a special touch to all the activities happening throughout the evening.

Environment Enhancers at Corporate Events

Do you want to treat your guests to something different that will light up their senses and break the ice? Environment enhancers are the way to go to make your guests feel special and give them something to talk about for days!

This is also called circulating entertainment, because these performers can move around the venue between groups of guests to spice up the atmosphere and get everyone engaged.

Costumed servers or floating bartenders can be a playful and whimsical way to serve appetizers or beverages. There are aerialists who hang from the ceiling and can serve your guests.

Want to add a little action into the mix? How about some breakdancing statues? These creative entertainers with statue-like makeup will bust dance moves, freeze, pose, and then erupt again into energetic, choreographed breakdancing throughout your event.

What about a feast for your eyes that will get your heart pumping? You can go with LED drummers that bring lights, energy and drums! They combine high-energy drumming with exciting choreography and the latest in wireless lighting technology. They’re the perfect way to wake up your audience and get the party jumping!

Interactive Entertainment

There’s no better way to engage the guests at your corporate event than with some interactive entertainment!

How about letting them get in on the music show with a Lip Sync Battle? Guests can perform popular music to pre-recorded tracks in front of the entire audience, and let loose with their own choreography, backup dancers and props.

If you want to make it even funnier than lip singing, you can hire a hypnotist to bring your guests on stage and put them into a hypnotic trance. Anything can happen when people lose their inhibitions under a spell, but it’s guaranteed to be hilarious and leave a lasting impression.

Most people remember sitting in front of the TV as kids and seeing game shows like the Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud or The Price is Right. You can recreate these classics at your corporate event by booking a mobile game show set. Your guests are sure to have a blast competing against each other while strolling down memory lane.

If you’re into games, you can also organize a mobile escape room. Escape rooms let your guests test their wits while trying to solve unique puzzles and riddles to achieve an objective. They can be an incredibly fun group activity and create memorable bonding experiences for everyone involved. They can also be played in teams for some friendly competition!

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