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How to Win Event Business

Crafting a proposal for any event can be daunting. Whether you are planning a 90 minute experience for your client’s team or a programmed virtual, hybrid or in-person conference, no matter what, there’s a lot of information and education required in order to win that business.

Companies have become more comfortable with virtual events in 2021 through a lot of trials and lessons learned, and the return of in-person events has event planners and their clients feeling some type of way.


How can you stand out in the crowd and win that event business by presenting captivating ideas to your clients?

The events industry now has a full year of data under its belts on how to optimize events for virtual. It is shortsighted to think that virtual events were only a quick fix during the pandemic. Companies are seeing the value of creating a hybrid event model for future events.


Here are 3 stats you can share with clients on why they need to be considering new virtual event ideas and interactive opportunities alongside their in person events:

  1. 67% of businesses use virtual events complementary to in-person events.

  2. 49% of businesses are organizing up to 20–30 virtual events a year alongside their large annual in person events.

  3. 67% of events use interactive and gamification strategies to improve audience engagement for hybrid experiences. [source]

After curating experiences and entertainment for over 150+ virtual events ourselves, we agree that it is extremely important to incorporate gamification, talent, and interactive programming to help level up a client’s virtual event.

When we first started pitching virtual, we didn’t have a streamlined way to successfully highlight and showcase vetted ideas and vendors to our event partners for their virtual events. To fix that problem, we created a virtual event proposal template that helps us consistently present all of the event factors in a succinct format every time.


Here is that proposal template and checklist to help you with your next pitch:

View & Download Virtual Event Template Here

Designing a proposal for virtual events will soon enough become second nature for all of us, but businesses need leaders in the industry like you to show them the way.

Our team is dedicated to helping you do this by designing new and creative ideas for virtual event programming, interactive experiences, and entertaining moments.

We would love to help you curate your client’s next great event.

Need help with your virtual event proposal or pitch? Ask us a question/ talk to an event expert

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