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The Traveling Typist
Compare to: Mary Oliver, Allen Ginsberg
Chicago, IL, USA
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I am an-demand typewriter poet. I create poetic encounters and immersive literary experiences.
Inspire me, and I’ll inspire you. I am Kro, The Traveling Typist. This is how it works: a guest encounters me at your event. Shyly or boldly, they approach and ask for a poem. I inquire: what will this poem be about? They reply with whatever is on their heart and mind. Within a few minutes, a poem appears. Using my finesse and flair as a spoken word artist, I read the poem aloud in a private, moving moment. Then the poem is sealed in an envelope and goes off with them into the world. My offering is a spontaneous encounter, and an intimate, utterly unique artistic experience. I can provide the flair and charm your next event needs.
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Allen Turner
DePaul - Professor
“Kro is a grand wordsmith, simply put. They have the magnificent capacity to take a handful of seemingly random and unrelated words and weave them into a thing of beauty that tugs at the heart and activates the mind. If you are ever in need of a moment of delight and you have the opportunity to have Kro fashion a personal poem for you. Take that opportunity. You won’t regret it and you will smile for days because of it.
Rain & Brian M.
Wedding - Couple
“Thank you so much for all of your help in making our wedding a perfect event! Our guests have told us they were so impressed by your talents. Your unique skills and presentation were exactly what we were looking for to help complete our day. Stellar!!”
Kimberli Hansen
Patron - ReKinnection Festival
“Kro is an enigmatic artist who lives poetry as much as they write it. I was intrigued when I saw their poetry stand at a music festival where I was performing. They welcomed me into their space, and with a potent presence requested a prompt. They deftly drafted an insightful and moving poem for me on the spot, and it is my most treasured souvenir from the festival.”