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About EVA

Channing & Makenzie

It all started with an idea...

When co-founders Makenzie Stokel and Channing Moreland met at Belmont University, both were already crazy about live music. It wasn’t long before the two were organizing everything from large house parties to small festivals. The music and live event part was really fun. The messy details, paperwork, and uncertainty when trying to book entertainment, not so much.

At moments like these, you can either fight or fix the system. So they got serious and formed what now is EVA. The company has grown and evolved so much over the years to fit the ever-changing industry and environment. What has remained constant for Makenzie and Channing is their primary goal of using technology to connect clients with high-quality entertainment. With the help of their incredible team, EVA continues to be a disruptive force for good.

Our mission is to give communities access to quality entertainment through meaningful events.

-Channing Moreland

Our core values:

  • Leverage collaborative spirit
  • Quality over quantity
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Always be learning
  • Accelerated iteration

Learn more about our mission and core values HERE