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Kirbee Miller
Compare to: Oprah / Alex Elle/ Brene Brown
Nashville, TN, USA
NOURISHER, Speaker, Guide
Kirbee Miller speaks with the intention of cultivating immersive spaces to promote inclusion and connection. Mutual connection is an equalizer leading to transformational conversation and community. Kirbee’s road to entrepreneurship through passion and creativity has not been without hardship. Kirbee's parents were critically injured in a car accident, leaving Kirbee to spend many months sleeping in the hospital, advocating for her parents’ care, and ultimately thrusting Kirbee into be a caregiver for her mother who was paralyzed in the accident. In the face of adversity, this abrupt tragedy has reinforced Kirbee’s commitment to creating inclusive and meaningful moments that NOURISH, even when the conditions seemingly do not support it. Kirbee has grown a committed following through television appearances, workshops, keynote speaking, and her guided journal: NOURISH | A Guide to Coming Home to Yourself, which she uses as backdrop to discuss Resilience and Reinvention & more
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Thought Leader
Event Types
College Event
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Mindset Management Building meaningful relationships Self discovery workshop experience Create your Roadmap forward Includes digital workbook for participants to continue the journey after the session. Great for leadership teams and team building
Event Types: Hybrid, In-Person, Virtual
Kirbee leads interactive and multi-dimensional conversations designed to explore topics that impact our daily lives. Such as: Mindset Management Intentional Leadership Resilience Reinvention Innovation Communication Nourishing an Abundance Mindset and More
Event Types: In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid
Tuwanda Coleman
WTVF | CBS Affiliate Talk of the Town - Producer
"The first time I booked Kirbee Miller on Talk of the Town I knew I had found a star! She's comfortable on-the-air, lively and she exudes personality! I can always count on Kirbee to be on time and to put together a beautiful vignette. Kirbee has a knack for creating content that our viewers love!"
NOURISH Workshop Attendee
Bridgestone - Participant
"Life Changing. I am not leaving here the same person."
Workshop Attendee
Bridgestone - Participant
" Kirbee was a beautiful, intentional speaker that held the audience and encouraged engagement and self-reflection. This is key to so many and would be beneficial to many."
NOURISH Workshop Attendee
Bridgestone - Participant
"Kirbee's session is a workshop that provides you actionable tools to implement into your daily life. She doesn't talk at you, but instead facilitates meaningful discussions."
Keynote Attendee
Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce - Participant
"Elevating, engaging, embracing, enveloping, inspiring, pragmatic, relevant, spot on"
Workshop Attendee
Nashville Business Incubation Center Member - Participant
"The Effective and Impactful Leadership workshop with Kirbee was an intimate microscope whereby I was able to examine my biases about my leadership capabilities and how those biases have stagnated the growth of my business. I needed this critical dialog, so that I can move forward with my business, armed with new language and a better perspective."
Workshop Attendee
Nashville Business Incubation Center Member - Participant
"Expansive, thought provoking, fulfilling, insightful, inspirational, growth oriented."
Workshop Attendee
Bridgestone - Participant
"She is a great speaker and has very good spirit. She pays attention to her audience and makes them feel heard"
Workshop Attendee
Bridgestone - Participant
" Kirbee was very engaging and great to speak with one on one"