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Remotely Hosted In-Person Games!
Nashville, TN, USA
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Host is streamed live on a connected device at your venue to lead in-person players through games!
Similar to old school in-person events...but way better! Our friendly host is broadcast live on a TV, computer, or projector at your venue to enthusiastically lead in-person players through a fun & social experience. If you have a connected device, the desire to comfortably connect your group through fun & pen/paper, you can book this superior event! These soirees are super simple to plan, cost effective, easy to set up on event day & extremely impressive for everyone who joins. Please see our "Event Types" graphic to see the full list of 40+ options you can choose from AFTER you book. No matter what you choose, a friendly host will easily lead everyone through unique games that allow people to comfortably connect through fun! To keep things engaging, social & fresh, we'll switch team groupings every time a new game is introduced! Different teams are created by simply having attendees stand up & create a new friendly crew. The end result is a fun/social event everyone will enjoy!
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