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The Olys
Compare to: Stevie Nicks, Stevie Wonder, Steve Miller Band
Nashville, TN, USA
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A trio that does a versatility of covers as well as a subset of original music!
The Olys are a trio band featuring Rachel McCamy on guitar and lead vocals, Sean McCann on drums, and Vincent “Nemo” Pedersen on bass guitar. They pride themselves on performing a variety of covers from many decades and genres, everything from ABBA to Maroon 5 to Beyoncé. Their originals are also in the works, featuring clear eclectic guitar styles, funky bass lines, and solid percussion.
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Rachel McCamy
The Olys - Lead Vocalist/Guitarist
Rachel McCamy is a vocalist and guitarist based in Nashville, TN. Her biggest musical achievements include opening up for Sammy Hagar at the Wildhorse Saloon, opening up for Miranda Lambert at the Fontanel Mansion, and writing and performing an original song for WBEC South (Women’s Business Enterprise Council). Rachel currently works on writing and performing with The Olys as well as playing various solo gigs. Rachel started performing professionally when she was 14 years old. Since then, she has been able to pursue her dream as a musician in Nashville, TN. She has performed at various venues such as The Row, Beachaven Winery, NashHouse Saloon, and Margaritaville Downtown! Rachel graduated from Austin Peay State University, and since college, she also became a high school choir teacher in the Metropolitan Nashville Area, showcasing her love of music to kids daily. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, making origami, and writing songs for the band!
Vincent "Nemo" Pedersen
The Olys - Bassist
Born and bred in the heart of Oregon, Vincent "Nemo" Pedersen carries a unique melody in his soul that transcends the notes on his bass. Adopted by his grandparents Rick and Cleo, versatility is the cornerstone of Nemo's character. From tinkering under car hoods to serving in the military, he wore various hats before life thrust a bass guitar into his hands. Though he grew up loving and playing music, Nemo struggled to find his true calling. Shortly after his chapter in the military came to a close, Nemo found himself on stage, learning the art of performing music for a living. The transition from the regimented military life to the freeform stage wasn't just a career change; it was a metamorphosis of identity. In his free time, Nemo enjoys hanging out with his fiancé and dog, as well as caring for their array of aquatic pets.
Sean McCann
The Olys - Drummer
Sean McCann is a drummer and producer based in Nashville. He has performed/recorded with The Olys, Wild Love, Ahli, The Undeadbeats, Chloe Kay, Teagan Stewart, Dani Stacy, and his original project Ouro. Sean started his musical journey with piano lessons in 3rd grade; he hated it. After some time, his parents decided to see if a drum kit would be right for him. They were right, and their house was never quiet again. Sean grew up in Tucson and graduated from The University of Arizona with a B.A. in Music. While there, he spent his time performing in a cappella groups, jazz ensembles, and any rock band that would have him. Afterwards, he moved to Nashville to further his career, drumming for different country, pop, and rock artists in town. In his free time, you might see Sean kayaking on Percy Priest, nerding out about coffee, or performing at Third Coast Comedy Club.