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Living Decor by Trina Merry
Dallas, TX, USA
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Living Decor Installations by World Champion Bodypainter
We often tap into decor budgets to create living decor installations, and artwork that stuns and creates buzz at the event. Trina Merry paints on the human body, creating the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional space. She is a multi-media artist utilizing the ancient medium bodypaint in a contemporary manner with her photography, performance, installation, video, and digital art. Trina Merry's artwork defies conventional boundaries as she merges the human form seamlessly with landscapes, architecture, and cultural symbols, exploring themes of identity, unity, and activism. Through meticulous attention to detail and expert use of light and shadow, her body painting and photography create a visual tapestry that challenges societal norms and prompts viewers to reflect on their authentic selves and their relationship with the environment.
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