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Team-Building & Fun Events. Voted "Best Improv Training" by Forbes!
Improv-LA is a leading-edge institution in creating stronger team-bonding and communication, and gets both the introverts and extroverts on the same page. ​ Our custom-designed sessions will create fresh, group dynamics, promote listening and creativity, and just give everyone have some away-from-the-desk fun that will create a better environment at the workplace. Improvisation has been shown to help interpersonal business relationships with clients and employees that result in: - Better teamwork & communication - More innovative ideas - Fun event that something different & memorable - Creating a great bonding experience for co-workers across multiple departments and backgrounds, when in-person and even virtually! We've worked with Walt Disney Studios, Netflix, Fox Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, NBC-Universal, DreamWorks Studios, IBM, Spotify, United Way, CBS Television, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, Tishman Speyer, USC, UCLA, Oxygen Network, and many more. Now it's your turn!
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For Offsites, Events, Retreats. We create a custom-plan for your specific goals and everyone will walk away with better networking, communication, team-building, leadership, and thinking quicker on their feet. Send us a message for availability.
Event Types: In-Person
Direct from the screens of SNL, Modern Family, Key & Peele, and Curb Your Enthusiasm comes comedy shows for your team! Our customized improv shows are the perfect way to break the ice, encourage participation, and build team spirit for large gatherings. These interactive events are not only fun and entertaining, but also subtly introduce core improv skills like active listening, thinking on your feet, and adaptability – valuable tools that can be translated directly to the office environment
Event Types: In-Person
Want to learn some of the best improv training in the world, but can’t make it to Los Angeles? Improv-LA has you covered! ​ We’ve taught workshops abroad in Tokyo, Dublin, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, as well as Beijing, where we offered the country’s first ever Chinese-spoken improv workshop and performance. ​We offer various packages depending on the size and needs of your institution.
Event Types: In-Person
Improv-LA's sketch comedy writing classes are taught by experienced comedy writers who are currently working in the industry. Their credits include Saturday Night Live, National Lampoon, Madtv, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Second City Mainstage, Groundlings Sunday Company/Mainstage, Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Central, writing for comedians from SNL, MADtv, In Living Color, and Mr. Show, plus have hundreds of millions views on social media. Now we can give you all their secrets...
Event Types: Virtual, In-Person
Walt Disney Company - Marketing
I got outside of the comfort zone and enjoyed every minute of it! I'm a strategy kind of person in my day-to-day, so learning improv has been super refreshing in keeping me present.
Revlon - Legal
As someone who's worked in the industry for almost eighteen years, this class taught me many things I didn't know but needed to get to the next level of my career.
Netflix - Executive Development
They presented improv as a tool that anyone can use to become a better listener, more mindful, and more confident in their abilities to handle any situation. Also, it was just fun! It's like playtime for grownups.
IBM - UI Development
I took this class hoping to be able to speak better in my corporate job and it not only helped me think fast but also made me more proactive and better listener. More importantly, it was a lot of fun. Def brought huge energy into my tired life. I highly recommend
Spotify - Sales
I’m definitely going to be applying a lot of what I learned in it to my everyday work. So much great information in such a small amount of time!
Kaiser Permanente - Operations
A fun and educational class. Improv really helps break down the barriers and freed us up for creativity and it's taught it in a way that is engaging and applicable.