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Rich Bracken
Compare to: Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Any Good Game Show Host
Kansas City, MO, USA
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Emotional Intelligence Expert, Television and Media Contributor, Emcee and Moderator
Rich Bracken is a global keynote speaker and emotional intelligence expert. Rich educates on the importance of emotional intelligence and how to increase your EQ. Research shows that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs or relevant experience. Higher EQ skills are crucial and contribute to better relationships, productivity, profitability, well-being at work and so much more. Key Speech Themes: Emotional Intelligence, Motivational, Resilience, Sales & Client Experience, Improving Company Culture, Leveraging Imposter Syndrome, Emcee & Moderator
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Overcoming Challenges
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Rich's presentations are the perfect blend of energetic and practical, fun and motivational, high-impact and low maintenance. He covers topics including leadership, sales, emotional intelligence, goal achievement, and motivational. All presentations are custom & provide the best edutainment.
Event Types: Hybrid, In-Person, Virtual
What do you get when you cross an emcee, a DJ, and a television/media personality? The ideal unforgettable host for your next event. Rich’s experience as an on-stage keynote speaker and emcee, and an on-camera host on television and virtual presenting, allow him to make your event perfect.
Event Types: In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid
Meeting Professionals International
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I have worked with many professionals throughout my journey, but Rich was amazing to work with. His work ethic is pristine, and he is easily adjustable to any given situation.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
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I couldn’t be more proud to work with him and would highly recommend him for any and all speaking engagements.
Legal Marketing Association
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If you are looking for a keynote speaker that is engaging, inspirational, and interesting, look no further than Rich Bracken.
Fortune 100 Corporation
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Thank you for the amazing presentation and the fantastic takeaways. You provided a ton of value. Plus, you remind me of a skinnier, funnier Tom Cruise.
Fortune 50 Medical Corporation
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The body language and verbal reactions of my team throughout your presentation made it clear that they were totally engaged and that this topic was making an impact.
May Brown-Nevo
Nice Software - Global Organizational Development Manager
MANY MANY thanks Rich for this amazing session and collaboration – we're super happy and excited with your (essential) part in our NICE WINGS career week.