6 Austin Entertainers We Know You'll Love
6 Austin Entertainers We Know You'll Love
by EVA

We know entertainers make Austin special. Having launched our second market in Austin, we have always valued the thriving and authentic entertainment scene that comes out of the "Live Music Capital of the World". Beyond music, Austin is rich with a variety of talents. At EVA, we look for the best of the best and always share those who set themselves apart.

We wanted to show you the best Austin can offer. So here are the 6 Austin EVA entertainers we know you'll love.

Vogue Vignette

Austin's spunky and unique flare radiates through the local style. From vibrant colors and a country-chic feel, what people wear in Austin doesn't go unnoticed. If you want to capture the style and spirit of Austin, let us introduce you to Vogue Vignette.

Created by Stephanie J. Schiller five years ago, Vogue Vignette transforms people into high-fashion works of art. Over the years, they have grown into a collective of five artists from around the world now based in Austin, Texas. The artists are jet-setters at heart, so they love to sketch wherever it takes them!

What's even more impressive is that they turn you into artwork right in front of your eyes. Vogue Vignette offers a unique live experience that you'll leave cherishing forever.

El Combo Oscuro

If you need to book a Latin band, this is the one for you. El Combo Oscuro hails from sweat-drenched discotecas of Austin, TX. Formed in 2020, their sound combines the trills of the vintage organ paired with gnarled guitar chords played over the pulses of a thumping rhythm section to create a flame of psychedelic cumbia and Latin sounds. Composed of 6 talented musicians, El Combo Oscuro is making waves in Austin.

This refreshingly energetic group is playing some big shows in 2023, such as SXSW and Viva Big Bend Music Festival. With a successful weekly residency at Hotel Vegas and several great shows all around Austin, El Combo Oscuro is no stranger to captivating audiences. Recently named one of six entertainers for Austin Music Foundation's Artist Development Program Class of 2023, their craft continues to grow as they evolve their unique sound.

We think you'll fall in love with the psychedelic feel of their music.

S.C. Says

This artist is simply amazing. Andre Bradford, a.k.a. S.C. Says, is an Austin-based slam poet who has been performing slam poetry since 2013. Slam poetry is an art form he loves due to its raw vulnerability and its ability to cultivate transparency and dialogues in many different walks of life. You can tell that he thrives with live performances. Since the age of 15, Andre found expression and identity on the stage, discovering himself through portraying stories. Slam Poetry taught him the sound and power of your own voice and story.

Having performed on several big stages like TEDx, SXSW EDU, and National Association for Campus Activities, S.C. Says has over 40 shows under his belt in 25 different states. As the 2022 Texas Grand Slam Champion, you know his words will hold a lot of power. Whether it's bringing awareness to a social issue or giving hope to someone who feels like their struggle is singular, S.C. Says aspires to perform a show that leaves every audience captivated, moved, and motivated. By creating more empathetic communities and cultures using artistry and spoken word, S.C. Says is a force in the Austin community.

The Austin Blues Revue

There's no music like music you can dance to. The Austin Blues Revue is a big band based in Austin, playing vintage American dance music. With an upbeat kick and deemed "Most Authentically Austin" by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, you're bound to love The Austin Blues Revue.

The Austin Blues Revue has performed for sold-out audiences all over Texas. As a supergroup of talented musicians from acts including The Steve Miller Band, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many more. They've got a dynamic sound that is unique to Austin combining blues, jazz, swing, New Orleans, Honky Tonk, and R&B.

Listen to their music and dance it out. We are in the middle of the dancefloor too!

Deezie Brown

In 2023, we are celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop music! To commemorate this milestone in the entertainment and music industry, it's only fitting that we share an EVA entertainer who is bringing a fresh funk spin to Texas Hip-Hop. Born and raised in a small town outside of Austin called Bastrop, TX, Deezie Brown is redefining Hip-Hop with his "blue collar" style of southern Hip-Hop. At an early age, he was first exposed to hip-hop as he rode around in his dad's Chevy truck, listening to some of the great hip-hop artists of the South. He gathered blank tapes and used his boombox to record mixtapes utilizing beats from his family's cassette tapes.

Having played Austin City Limits in 2021, sold out his debut album release show, and had a residency at C-Boys, his fan following continues to grow. He even was on the cover of The Austin Chronicle and KUTX Radio's August Artist of the month! Through his sound, Deezie pays homage to the nostalgic essence of Texas hip-hop, blending it with the modernism of today's cinematic soundscapes.

Sister Golden Hair The Band

Inspired by a shared love of the golden age of modern songwriting, an affinity for classic LPs, and a passion for harmony, Sister Golden Hair The Band is a melodic force to be reckoned with. Fronted by three powerful women with an aptitude for the classics, Sister Golden Hair The Band pays tribute to the harmony-rich hit songs of the '60s and '70s. Playing some of Austin's most iconic venues, this group is committed to creating an experience that brings audiences all the good feels of these nostalgic songs.

From Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, to The Eagles, Sister Golden Hair The Band will mesmerize all audiences and brings a warm familiarity to any room with classic favorites that transcend time.