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Book a DJ, Bring a Vibe
Book a DJ, Bring a Vibe
by EVA

Meet EVA- A team of passionate professionals in the events and entertainment industry who built a technology-driven platform (called EVA) that streamlines booking entertainment + interactive experiences for events of all kinds.

When it comes to requests for entertainment at an event, we have truly seen it all. Through booking for corporate events, festivals, weddings, brand activations, you name it, we sometimes are finding, curating, sourcing talent that we may not have even know existed before that inquiry. One act that is most likely safe to say almost everyone has seen at an event though, is a DJ. DJs are more crucial to an event than what may meet the eye.

They are there to create the vibe, ease any social jitters, create seamless transitions, and act as an added event host. Sourcing a DJ might seem like one of the easier entertainment requests to book, but with everything in mind that we just listed above that they need to oversee, it takes an experienced event maestro. And it's up to us to make sure we get that DJ and event paired together correctly.

At EVA, we vet entertainment with a few things in mind. Years of experience, professionalism, versatility, responsibility, charisma, personality, and the overall vibe that the entertainer helps create at events. We take all of this into account because we want to bring the best to the table for our clients and represent our industry well.

Recently, we had a client come to us with a fun event opportunity to work on together. They are a destination management and event planning company and their client was launching in multiple cities. The entertainment need was a DJ in every city they were launching in to play at an event going on at the exact same time across the United States. This worked out well for us because at EVA, we are focused on building vetted entertainment communities in every major market in the country. We got to work and had them vetted options for every city within 24 hours based on our artist standards.

Through hard work and preparation, the events went off without a hitch! The DJ's were utilized as part of a multi-city brand launch for a new company. Our event management client assisted in creating activations for the Residents that would "surprise and delight" and help celebrate/introduce the new brand. For the last event, they created a summer pool party/roof top party (for those who did not have pools) and the DJ's were a big part of that party. They helped create the atmosphere of a celebration/party and kept the residents engaged by taking requests and handing out SWAG. *Event recap provided by our client Sari Hill, CSI Nashville.

The DJs enjoyed this unique activation as well which is just as important to us. We loved each of their vibes, and have added photos of a few of the DJs we booked for this event.

JOEYUR - Los Angeles
Orion Entertainment - Seattle
Erin Stereo - Denver
DJ CJ Buckets - Chicago
DJ Barrington K. Miles - Austin
DJ GRADEAY - Seattle
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