Virtual Entertainment Ideas for Any Type of Event
Virtual Entertainment Ideas for Any Type of Event
by EVA

Event entertainment is a perpetual pain point for companies as it requires a lot of planning and consideration. The stakes are even higher when we move into the virtual realm.

There is no shortage of great virtual event entertainment ideas out there, but matching the right entertainment to the right event is where we need to be careful. However, there are virtual entertainment options that can fit most of the events, it is all about aligning with the crowd and their expectations.

What Kind of Virtual Entertainment Ideas Should You Consider

We have prepared several virtual entertainment options that you might like to try out, whether it is an office party, a teambuilding event, or a fundraiser, most of these will fit in perfectly.

So let's see what we've come up with!

Virtual Keynote Speakers

This option is both fun and educational. You can find a keynote speaker on topics that you think will interest the attendees most. It is best to avoid work-related ones, so topics like health or the art of living might be a perfect choice.

It can even be a two-part event with a keynote lecture and some practical bits that will get the attendees to participate, share their thoughts and ideas and simply engage with each other. Finding a good virtual keynote speaker should not present a problem and it is much easier to arrange scheduling this way, than if you were to fly that person in for a live event.

Virtual Escape Rooms

These are some of the most beloved virtual event entertainment ideas. First separating the attendees into groups randomly ensures that people will mingle, get to know each other better, and learn about people they work or collaborate with.

Next, there is a great mystery to solve to move from one room to the next and also you need to engage your little gray cells on multiple levels. Teamwork is crucial as you divide and conquer as there are always multiple clues to tackle in each room.

So this type of virtual entertainment event is definitely a must-try, especially as a teambuilding option.

Virtual Comedians are Always a Hoot

Hiring a virtual comedian is a great way to break the ice so to say, either for a virtual corporate event or even a longer meeting. It makes people laugh, relaxes them a bit, and makes things that might seem mundane a bit more fun.

Just make sure that the comedians you hire are adequate for the event. Look for "clean" comedians that can entertain the audience without resorting to inappropriate and dirty jokes. Of course, those types of virtual comedians exist too, but that is for a very specific type of virtual event entertainment, like a bachelor party or someones' birthday.

Virtual Trivia Event

If you know that at least part of your team loves these types of knowledge quizzes, scheduling a virtual entertainment event of this kind is a great idea. People get to show off their knowledge of obscure trivia and share some great laughs.

In addition, you can improve on this by ensuring they prepare beer and snacks next to their computer so that the pub experience is complete. Finally, if there is a specific trivia topic that you think everyone would like - like Friends, or The Office, it can be a more narrowly themed trivia event, just make sure you also supply adequate prizes to the winners. It can be some gift vouchers or something easily redeemable.

Time to Choose the Best Virtual Entertainment Idea for Your Event

These are some great options that you can definitely use for your virtual event. However, you know your team or attendees the best so based on their interests and likes choose the one that is certain to cater to the majority of the group.

It will rarely be a 100% fit but even the ones not completely into it might have fun just engaging with their teammates and being entertained, spectators. After all, these types of events are about bringing people closer and helping them relax and unwind - so choose one that will ensure that experience.