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How Virtual Experiences Drive Sales

Zoom fatigue is real, but virtual events are proven to drive sales. How do you make your virtual events less work for you and more engaging for your audience?

Let’s start by looking at the types of virtual events and how entertaining your audience can increase word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately your revenue.

According to ZoomInfo, 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate leads. Once you have determined your target audience, objectives, and topic, you can think about what kind of format you would like the event to take.

Every event planner wants to create and deliver an event that meets their objectives — but how do you accomplish that, while delivering your content?

Reported by Business Travel News, virtual events can learn a lot from video games. Travis Scott performed to over 27 million people virtually from his home using the Fortnite online gaming platform while the audience danced as avatars.

This kind of magic is needed to eliminate virtual event fatigue and is within reach for event organizers everywhere. Whatever your budget and resources allow, there is a solution to make your event or meeting more memorable.

Here at EVA, we have produced 150+ virtual events, each with quality entertainment, here are some of our favorite formats:

Sessions To Inspire

These are sessions to engage your office-based, remote or hybrid team. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions to inspire can increase employee engagement and productivity to support company objectives.

These types of events are fun, easy to produce and can be short and sweet. Examples of these events include Game Time, Music Mashup and Caricature Drawings. For more ideas check out our Top 5 Event Ideas for 2021.

See what a virtual caricature experience would be like!

Virtual Travel Experiences

Virtual travel experiences that you can enjoy from the comfort of your office chair or couch. Ever wanted to go to Nashville? Check the latest virtual travel experience EVA is producing. Learn more here.

These types of events can engage a new or existing audience for your product or service, increasing word of mouth marketing and keeping your brand top of mind. An example of this is a virtual launch event that is targeted at high net worth individuals to showcase your new solution.

Experience New Zealand — A Virtual Event To Inspire

Wrapped around your showcase is a professional virtual wine and cheese tasting from a beautiful winery in New Zealand. The audience receives the wine and cheese delivered to their door in preparation for the event. The audience also experiences live and captivating cultural performances.


Speakers give a talk with a live Q&A at the end. This is a great way to present an interesting topic or introduce a new perspective, data, product or solution.

During a presentation there is an opportunity to provide a quiz to keep your audience engaged or booking a music artist to introduce your presentation or during the interlude, depending on the length of your event.

Check out the incredible musical duo, Ni/Co!

Breakout Rooms

Your attendees discuss a particular topic and activity planned for the event and then they break out into smaller groups and report back to the main room after their activity is completed. An example of this is a live training event.

Here you may wish to welcome your attendees with a professional host, an interactive game or start your event with a mind hacking magic trick that requires audience participation.

Panel Discussion

A panel of experts discuss a topic without a presentation. There could be a Q&A scheduled at the end or panelists could respond to a live feed of questions. Don’t have a panel of experts? You can book a speaker or thought leader for your event.

A Virtual Conference

This is the largest and most complicated type of event to organize. It’s like a physical conference that has multiple talks and sessions over 1–5 days. Due to the size of an event like this audience entertainment to increase engagement is essential.

The list of opportunities here to engage, entertain and inspire is vast, if you would like to explore quality entertainment available for your conference, sign up on EVA, create an event, and view the profiles of the most popular entertainers.

How Do You Know If Your Event Is Meeting Your Objectives?

In addition to receiving audience feedback, you can use webinar benchmark research as a guideline to figure out if your event was successful in engaging your audience. Find a list of benchmark reports here.

Most virtual event platforms collect data for your event so you can track your engagement stats and calculate your ROI.

Need high quality entertainment for your next event? Sign up on EVA, create an event and get access to over 500 highly vetted entertainers and experiences.

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