Inside EVA: How we work remotely and navigate the rise of coworking spaces
Inside EVA: How we work remotely and navigate the rise of coworking spaces
by EVA

With the growth of EVA, co-founders, Channing Moreland and Makenzie Stokel were not shy when it came to finding the right people to fit the company culture. So much so that three members of this ten-person team aren't based in Nashville, including Co-founder and COO, Makenzie Stokel who relocated to Austin, TX, to launch the Austin office. Having team members across the US creates a unique opportunity for us to find the times to connect with one another intentionally.

Remote work and work-from-home roles have taken a rise since the pandemic and many companies, small and large, are making that transition to fully remote. EVA has seen success with remote work and still making time for employees to connect with one another. Each month, the EVA team gets together for a virtual happy hour. During this time, they disconnect from work and plug into creating relationships and getting to know each other through games and conversation. With EVA's main form of communication being Slack, the team actively shares music they're listening to and artists each is loving in a specific channel. Time-zone differences and separate cities haven't stopped EVA from becoming a powerhouse in booking entertainment.

Co-working spaces have also proven very useful to EVA. The Nashville-based team has a designated space right in the heart of Music City, close to Music Row. Having this space allows them to work together in a traditional office setting. Other EVA team members outside of Nashville have been venturing around their cities and trying different coworking spots too. Using networks like Deskpass offers team members the opportunity to work in high-quality spaces with other professionals and access to a reliable internet connection, printing, and utilization-based pricing. Working in a hybrid setting has proven to strengthen the connection between EVA team members and encourages project productivity in a work setting.

EVA has taken full advantage of what the new work-from-home lifestyle has to offer. The flexibility of remote and hybrid settings has created an opportunity to expand the team with vast experience across the United States. While the whole group doesn't share the same zip code, EVA has had great success with company morale, connectivity, and communication.