Top 6 Entertainers in Dallas
Top 6 Entertainers in Dallas
by EVA

It comes as no surprise that Dallas has a rich and thriving entertainment scene and there is something for everyone. However, there are always those who set themselves apart from the rest.

We wanted to show you the best Dallas can offer. So here are the Top 6 performers coming out of Dallas.

Penny and the Flamethrowers

If dancing is what you are looking for when in Dallas, check out Penny and the Flamethrowers. Whether you want to see them live or book them for your event, there will be no shortage of great fun and a good time.

They are a rockabilly explosion paying homage to rockabilly queens past and present. Penny & The Flamethrowers play everything from Johnny and June Carter Cash to The Toadies. If you listen closely, you might even hear an original tune sprinkled in from time to time!

The group is fronted by an actual 50s and 60s era pin-up model, Penny Ruffles. She always lights up the stage and gets the crowd moving! This band is guaranteed to keep the evening going.

La Bell

Let's change it up. This lady is simply amazing. La Bell grew up with a love of singing but struggled with the anxiety of performing at an early age. When she discovered rap at 19, she knew she had found her way to do what she loved while still being able to express herself.

Bell got her start in music after graduating from high school when she'd attend open mic nights at a Mexican restaurant in Lewisville and have rap circles with friends. The artist is now working on her next releases.

Now she performs Hip-Hop and Soul, mixed with an acoustic, R&B, and Pop flair. You are bound to enjoy her performance.

The Southern Satellite

There's no music like country music. The Southern Satellite is Alt-Country from Dallas, TX. The Southern Satellite's melodies and powerful harmonies entertain audiences of all ages.

If you are a lover of all-American country music, this is the band for you. Whether you want to check them out live in Dallas or book them for your event, you are bound to have a great time. Southern Satellite performs on the club circuit, at festivals, and even for sitting U.S. Presidents. With nearly 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this band has a faithful audience.

The Inspiration Band!!!

If you need to book a party band this is the one for you. They are balanced and have a little something for everyone's ear. The Inspiration Band!!! performs everything for everyone – from jazzy dinner sets to getting the whole room moving and grooving. Looking for a band to aid in creating your ideal atmosphere? They make sure everyone is entertained and dancing while ensuring some light background music for a more tamed event.

You won't go wrong with The Inspiration Band!!! Your guests are bound to ask for more.

Even It Up - The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band

If you want some great Rock and Roll and sing your heart out to Barracuda, this is the band to see. Even It Up is a group of experienced performers that have formed one of the top Heart tributes in the United States.

The look and the sound are indistinguishable from the original band and you are bound to have a unique experience. Even It Up is ready to rock with Heart's greatest, most popular hits - and you just might hear them pay homage to a bit of Led Zeppelin in the process.

When you book Even It Up, you get live music, singing, and a group of people dedicated to providing a great time.

DJ Brandon Olds

If you don't want live music but prefer a great DJ set, celebrity DJ Brandon Olds is your best bet. Brandon gained national attention from his emergence on the Steve Harvey Show and Bravo TV.

He is a lifestyle devotee with a passion for luxe, a deep-rooted understanding of a multitude of cultures, a love for travel, and an unyielding desire to transcend the pedestrian moniker of DJ/entertainer to a true connoisseur of amazing experiences – bringing all of this passion to the mixing board when he does it.

We hope that this diversity of top entertainers coming from Dallas will provide you with the richness of choice when planning your event.