Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit
Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit
by EVA

With the changing landscape influenced by the pandemic and a general shift to a virtual platform, a lot of nonprofits needed to turn to virtual fundraising ideas to receive funds to keep their organizations afloat and continue to help their communities.

Luckily, there is no shortage of great online fundraising options; the only thing that matters is picking one that works best for your nonprofit. So let's see what you might consider going forward.

Most Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Yes, we have a comprehensive list of ideas for you, but before we get into that we want you to consider answering some of the following questions to get a better idea of what you want to offer your donors -

  • Which group are you targeting - individuals, companies, or foundations?
  • How often do you plan to hold your fundraisers?
  • Have you taken the demographic of your donors into account?

Hopefully, by providing answers to these questions you will be able to better choose from the listed fundraising ideas for nonprofits that we have carefully selected for you.

So let's start!

A Virtual Cooking or Mixology Class

Cooking and mixology classes cater perfectly to a virtual audience. It targets all demographics and apart from donating to a great cause, they get to learn something new and have fun.

The ideal way to organize this type of event is to have set tiers of gifts. For example, $100 can guarantee a supporter gets a seat in the class with a pre-sent list of ingredients they can purchase on their own. On the other hand, $250 or more will allow that supporter to participate in a live chat with the cook or mixologist and get all the necessary ingredients delivered to their home prior to the event. Of course, it is important to calculate everything so that the top tier ends up helping you reach your fundraising goal.

A Virtual Keynote Speaker

Knowledgeable motivational speakers are perfect for a virtual fundraising event. Most of the donors would love the privilege to hear them speak and you can tier the donations based on the option to interact with the speaker after the event, like in a separate chat room.

In addition, you might be able to get a keynote speaker for free if they are passionate about your cause and how to donate their time to it. That way you can raise even more money for your non-profit.

Online Yoga Class

Who doesn't love yoga? And these types of online fundraising ideas are great for two reasons. One, you get a lot of people who would love to participate since working out makes them feel good, and yoga is great for all demographics young and old. Second, you can ask your local yoga studio if they want to donate their time for one class, after all, they would be getting great exposure.

In this case, tiers are not possible, but if you can work it out with the yoga studio, you could give out discount vouchers for the bigger donors. Just to provide additional incentive.

The Adorable Virtual Pet Events

Let's be honest, pet owners can't wait to show off their furry friends, so this type of fundraiser is ideal if your nonprofit is supported by a lot of animal lovers. Often, all that's needed is for them to take a picture of their pets and post it either on your page designated for the event or on your social media. This can also help generate more interest for your non-profit as people love to share this on social media.

You can have a general fundraiser that is symbolic and anyone who wants their pet featured can donate a certain amount.

A Very Secretive Behind-the-Scenes Tour

This is an amazing way to introduce your donors to what you do and incentivize them to do more. If they join this fundraiser they would get a virtual tour, not just of your facilities, but also get to see who you are helping and in what way.

This should be a live event filmed while they tune in to ensure transparency and the ability to ask questions as you go behind the scenes of your nonprofit. In the end, it is an amazing way to show them where their donations go and how much good your nonprofit is doing thanks to them.

Always Search for More Online Fundraising Ideas

These are just some of the options to consider. If a fundraiser is a particular success, you can think about doing it once a year. Otherwise, come up with new and interesting ideas so that your donors keep coming back for all the different experiences.

Running a nonprofit is hard; you are constantly focused on getting those donations to keep your organization afloat, but with carefully planned virtual fundraising events you will be one step closer to achieving your goals.