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Fun Virtual Fall Party Ideas To Celebrate With Your Team This Season
Enjoy an authentic Oktoberfest experience, Halloween pumpkin spiced deliciousness, music, spooky cocktails and more with our top rated fall team building activities for this season.Ready to experience a Bavarian Oktoberfest celebration, the excitement of Halloween and share the warmth of fall bonfires with your team, family or friends? Here at EVA, we love Fall. Keeping with tradition, we are super excited to be offering immersive fall experiences that your audience will love, courtesy of Spark By Designs, Spark Party Packs.If you are looking for an experience to bring people together to help them connect, unwind and enjoy time away from their busy lives, here are our favorite picks for this season:1. Oktoberfest Virtual Experience 2021Logon and Zoom into this inspiring journey to Bavaria. Your audience will learn the colorful history of the famed festival, complete with musical entertainment from a 5-time grammy nominee yodel-star Kathrin Jakob, authentic Chardon Polka band or accordion player LynnMarie.Your hosts will scatter in trivia with prizes throughout the event and you can choose to enhance your event with a variety of activities to complete your experience.This authentic experience includes an amazing fall party pack sent to your guests individually so they can immerse themselves while enjoying the entertainment.Oktoberfest Party PackSix german and german-style beersPretzel ingredientsBranded german steinSauerkrautPlum jamNaturally shed antler beer openerGerman chocolate cookiesOptional: Oktoberfest cookbookBOOK THE OKTOBERFEST EXPERIENCE HERE 2. Virtual Pumpkin Carving Party For Halloween 2021Learn new tips and tricks to carve your best Jack-O-Lantern with our carolina crafter. Gather your guests around the greatest pumpkin you can find to dig in, scoop, shave and swirl your way into the harvest spirit, while enjoying live music, craft beers, fall inspired treats and pumpkin spiced deliciousness delivered to your attendee’s door.Pumpkin Party PackSix American Autumn-themed craft beersCinnamon orange teaPumpkin spice whipped honeyPumpkin butterGinger spice cookiesCheese strawsPumpkin carving and chisel setPumpkin spice soy candlePumpkin tea towelCandy corn lip balmPumpkin spice soapLED tea-lightsVaseline, branded pen and thumbtacksBOOK YOUR PUMPKIN CARVING EXPERIENCE HERE 3. Virtual Halloween Cocktail PartyTime to get spooky at your next cocktail party! Learn how to create crowd-pleasing Halloween themed cocktails for your next ghoulish gathering with your event host — a professional mixologist.With live music to kick off your festivities and a $100 price for the best costume, there are plenty of opportunities for your guests to enjoy this event, while bonding over the contents of their individual Halloween inspired party packs that keep the theme flowing.Halloween Cocktail Party PackIncludes all supplies to make:Monster MashWicket Apple ToddyGhostly S’more cocktailsAlso included:Themed stir sticks and ice traySavory and sweet snacksBOOK YOUR HALLOWEEN COCKTAIL EXPERIENCE HERE 4. Virtual S’Mores Bonfire PartyFall into the spirit with your host, chef and pro camper, [name] in this backyard party that will spark your next bonfire experience. Learn how to build a proper fire with plenty of air circulation for warming your buns and toasting your ‘mallows!Your audience will enjoy this interactive experience, while cooking up their own ‘mallows and chowing down on S’Mores inspired goodness.S’Mores Party PackBurnie eco-friendly food-safe grillHoney grahamsSpeculoos cookiesStroopwafelsChurro cookiesFall themed chocolate barsPeanut butter cupsTwo different types of gourmet marshmallowsSeasonal tea towelSeasonal lip balmCinnamon Orange teaPumpkin spice whipped honeyOptional ExtrasBottle of Bourbon6-pack of BeerMusical performer interludesBOOK YOUR S’MORES BONFIRE EXPERIENCE HERE


10 Corporate Event Ideas for 2022
Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. They take a lot of coordinating and planning, so before you get into the logistics, you should first decide what you wish to actually accomplish with the event.This means defining the goals and objectives of bringing people together, regardless of whether the event is for your clients, business partners or employees. Corporate events can be a great opportunity to showcase new products or services, boost morale, provide entertainment, build business relationships or nurture your company culture.So, let’s take a look at some different corporate event ideas that can help you achieve your business goals in 2022. Educational and Training Events Continuous development is one of the surest ways to enhance your employees’ skills, in order to better serve your clients and boost your bottom line. Effective training events can increase the productivity and efficiency of your workplace, while helping your employees advance in their careers. You can bring in guest speakers or hold workshops that help your team improve their leadership skills, customer service, or encourage independent decision making that can help streamline their workflow.Team Building EventsEngaging team building events stimulate bonding among employees and bring your team closer together, while improving their communication and interpersonal skills. They encourage inclusion, teach employees how to cooperate and solve problems together, as well as resolve potential conflict situations among each other. Effective team building events also increase employee engagement and retention, and can have a tremendous impact on overall job satisfaction.Employee Award EventsDifferent people have different motivations when it comes to work. Sure, we all do it for the money to support ourselves and our families, but different personality types also expect other things from their jobs to stay motivated and give it their best effort. Some people are after raises and promotions, some seek public recognition, while most primarily want to feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Giving out awards in different categories can be an effective way to boost morale and even stimulate a bit of competition among your team to see who can perform better. An award event doesn’t even have to be a formal affair. You can also make it a purely entertaining event with funny awards such as a “Dressed to Kill” award, “Office DJ” or “Office Comedian” Award. Depending on the size of your organization, you can hold monthly, quarterly or yearly award events.Corporate Culture EventsBuilding a sense of community in your organization and getting everyone on the same page are crucial if you want to achieve growth and excel in your industry. Simply put, corporate culture represents a set of values that are meant to be shared among all employees within an organization in order to achieve long-term success. Corporate culture events should highlight and promote common values, show appreciation for your employees, facilitate knowledge sharing among different departments, and align everyone with your company’s strategic vision for the future.Conferences or Thought Leadership EventsOrganizing and hosting a conference or a thought leadership event is one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Such events are organized around a hot topic of discussion relevant to your business, and include an audience and a panel of experts who share their experiences, best practices and expertise.Conferences are a quality opportunity for networking and bringing together like-minded individuals, in order to build community and propel your industry forward. Best of all, they are an impactful way to establish your brand as a reliable team of experts in your field.Product Launch EventsIf you’re bringing a new product or service to the market, a product launch event can be the spark you need to create hype around the new product and get massive media exposure for your brand.Make sure to invite your loyal customers, key clients, potential investors, bloggers and social media influencers in your industry, as well as representatives from your local media. A successful product launch event can bring you loads of qualified leads, interest from investors, product orders and positive online reviews. If you want to maximize your exposure, organizing a hybrid event can help you expand your reach by enabling people from anywhere in the world to attend and interact with your brand.Recruiting Events Finding the right new talent for rapidly growing companies or fresh startups is not always an easy task, and many organizations struggle to find quality candidates for their expanding teams. Instead of wading through hundreds or even thousands of applications for your job opening, organizing a recruiting event can be a shortcut to reaching the top young talent in your industry. You can host such an event on your company premises, or you can team up with your local university to reach top students who are about to enter the workforce directly at the source. Instead of direct employment, you can also offer them internships, which gives you a chance to mold them into the future employees you need them to be.Recruiting events allow for interaction with potential candidates and getting to know them, while at the same time directly promoting your brand. Charity EventsGiving back to the community can only be a good thing, and it can also do wonders for your PR. Fundraising for a noble cause by hosting a corporate charity event can help you build a reputation as a socially conscious organization.Corporate fundraisers are not only a way to donate and bring awareness to worthy causes within your community, but also an opportunity to network and bring together other key players in your industry, while building a positive public perception of your brand.Milestone Celebration EventsIt’s important to know where you’re going as an organization, but it’s also important to celebrate the small victories along the way. Organizing milestone celebration events is an excellent way to energize and reengage your employees, by showing them appreciation for their contributions in making your company’s success possible. Milestone celebrations help you create a culture of gratitude within your organization, while also reigniting enthusiasm among your employees to make your long-term goals more achievable.Feel free to get creative with the milestones you choose to celebrate. It can be anything from major anniversaries or meeting a sales goal, to the retirement of a valuable long-time employee.Entertainment EventsSometimes you don’t even need a formal reason to treat your employees and partners to an awesome event, other than for the sake of pure entertainment, hanging out and bonding, and forgetting about work. The list is practically endless when it comes to entertainment options for your corporate events. With EVA, you can book high quality, vetted entertainers of all types and styles, from DJs, live bands and emcees, to dancers, comedians, speakers, specialty acts and interactive experiences.Not only that, but we can also help you take your event virtual, or create a hybrid experience that will be enjoyed equally by in-person attendees as well as those who are tuning in remotely.Sign up today for access to over 500 elite artists and entertainers to create unforgettable experiences and maximize the impact of your corporate events!


New Year’s Corporate Event Ideas for 2022
The weather is still nice and sunny these days and the winter holidays seem far away, but they will get here quicker than you can say “But I just got back from the beach!” That means you’re going to have to do a bit of planning ahead of time if you want to organize a memorable New Year’s experience for your employees and get it right.There are a few different things you should consider when you start planning a New Year’s event for your organization.New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?For starters, you have two options. You can organize a New Year’s Eve party on December 31st and count down until the clock strikes midnight, or you can organize a daytime party the next day on January 1st.But even on December 31st, you can still decide between two different concepts. We all know that many people like to spend the whole day in party mode, and it’s pretty common to go for drinks at one venue during the day to get into the festive mood, and then head over to a different place in the evening for the main event.So, if you don’t want to go hardcore and party all night on New Year’s Eve, a daytime office party on December 31st can also be awesome for bonding and getting your team into the holiday spirit for spending the big night elsewhere.Whichever option may be the best fit for your organization, you still have a few different types of events to choose from, especially depending on the current epidemiological situation at your particular location.In-Person EventWhether you plan on throwing an office party or booking an exclusive venue to usher in the New Year, all you need to do is put together a guest list, organize catering and drinks, and then decide on the type of entertainment you want to treat your employees and their families to.It can be an electrifying DJ, a live band playing all the classic holiday hits, a breath-taking magic show, or even a visit from Santa!In-person parties are a great opportunity to let your employees know how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication, so make sure to also prepare a touching speech.Depending on your budget, you can go the extra mile to show your appreciation and prepare small gifts for everyone, or you can organize a Secret Santa gift exchange beforehand and let everyone share the love amongst each other.Virtual EventWith many parts of the world still on the tail end of the pandemic, if your city is not in the clear yet, a virtual New Year’s event might be the safest way to go. We all love to meet up in person and have a great time face to face, but even hanging out online and staying connected can mean a lot to people in isolation, especially around the winter holidays when our emotions can run high. There are many activities and entertainment options available to make any virtual event engaging and memorable for everyone involved, especially around the holiday season. Some of our favorites include Music Mashup and Mixology classes, where you can listen to great tunes while learning to make the perfect holiday cocktail. You can also do a virtual holiday karaoke experience where your attendees can showcase their vocal talents and sing along to live music performed by a talented professional musician.Want something different? How about a Holiday Caricature Party with a digital artist drawing sketches of everyone present, a DJ remixing all your favorite holiday hits, with a surprise drop in by Santa?!Hybrid EventIn today’s highly interconnected world with many people working remotely, hybrid events have slowly started becoming “the way of the future”.There are many variations to the hybrid event concept, but in essence, it’s an event that combines in-person interaction with a virtual aspect as well. They are an opportunity for both physical attendees and people at home to enjoy a shared experience and still feel like part of the same community.Lucky for you, we specialize in organizing unforgettable entertainment experiences for our clients for all three types of events. Whether you choose to go virtual, party in person, or organize a hybrid event with the best of both worlds, we’ve got you covered!Not only will we match you up with the perfect entertainment option for your type of organization, but we can also provide you with support during the actual event to make sure everything runs like clockwork.A-list artists and entertainers get booked up fast as we approach the holiday season, and the closer we get to New Year’s Eve, even their rates can start to go up. So, make sure not to waste any time. Reach out to us today to get the ball rolling, and let’s make your 2022 New Year’s Party an event to remember!


8 Creative Corporate Party Ideas
Corporate parties can be simple, casual occasions with drinks, finger foods, and mingling with coworkers. The problem is that regular parties don’t necessarily encourage inclusion and bonding among all employees, because people tend to split up in smaller groups and hang out with colleagues that they’re already close with.So, it’s much more effective to get creative and organize activities that will get your whole organization engaged. Engaging office parties can help create stronger ties among colleagues, improve job satisfaction, and even increase employee retention.You want your corporate parties to have a unique touch, be memorable and inclusive, in order to build chemistry among coworkers and boost their team spirit. There are a variety of entertaining options you can treat your employees to. At the office, outdoors, at interesting venues, and of course, virtually. Here’s a few ideas.Scavenger HuntsSearching for hidden items takes us all back to childhood, but scavenger hunts don’t have to be only for kids on the Easter holiday. The beauty of scavenger hunts is their simplicity and the fact that they don’t require any special skills, so they’re great for promoting inclusion because literally anyone can play. You can organize one at the office, or you can pair a scavenger hunt with an outdoor BBQ event and offer special prizes to the team that wins.Escape RoomsIn recent years, escape rooms have become a go-to venue for team building events as well as corporate and private parties, seeing as how most venues also have an accompanying bar or conference room and offer catering and drinks. Escape rooms offer an immersive experience that requires creative and critical thinking under pressure, while promoting teamwork and delegation of tasks. Many companies also offer portable escape games that can be played at your office, as well as virtual games that can be played online.Karaoke PartyWe all like to let our voice rip every once in a while, at least in the shower. Karaoke parties are a great opportunity for everyone to be heard and showcase their talent, but singing in front of others can also be downright hilarious. Karaoke is an excellent way for people to loosen up and let their guards down, and it’s also an effective way to relieve stress. Getting up on stage in front of a room full of colleagues takes courage, so it also helps people to build their confidence, which can have a positive effect on work and office dynamics.Office Talent ShowIf you want to take it a step further than singing, why not have a full-blown talent show? Your colleagues may have some very special talents hidden up their sleeves, and there’s only one way to find out! It can be anything from dancing, juggling or magic tricks, to comedy, poetry or just plain storytelling. It’s an awesome way for people to showcase a different side of themselves that they don’t usually display at work. Just keep in mind that not everyone will be comfortable with performing on stage, so be sure to find out who’s interested in participating beforehand.Potluck or Cooking ClassCooking shows and competitions are a huge thing on TV nowadays. So why not bring a bit of that energy into the office? You can organize a simple potluck where everyone can bring in their favorite dish, and share recipes and tips & tricks for preparing a particular delicacy or a wholesome meal. You can also bring in an expert to show everyone how it’s done. It’s a great way to learn new things, have some fun, and connect with coworkers over some delicious food.Retro Game NightStrolling down memory lane is something we all like to do from time to time, so what better way to bond with coworkers than a bit of reminiscing over games we all used to love in our childhood. It can be anything from Monopoly or Clue to Risk, Uno or Chutes and Ladders. If you’re more of a fan of newer games, have a go at Exploding Kittens or Cards Against Humanity. You’re guaranteed to laugh your socks off. These are just a few examples, because there is a huge range of fun party games available on the market to choose from.Mixology ClassCome on now, who doesn’t like a good cocktail? Let alone one you’ve mixed up with your own two hands! You have two options here. Have a fully interactive masterclass where everyone will make their own cocktails, or simply bring in a professional cocktail master to demonstrate their talents and serve you all night. The beauty of mixology classes is that they can also be held virtually, so everyone can learn how to make killer cocktails in the comfort of their own home.Themed PartiesYou don’t have to wait for Halloween to spice things up with some creative costumes and roleplaying. You can organize a themed party any day of the year, from a Wild Wild West or pirate party to a superhero bonanza or 60’s love fest. Costume parties are always an awesome way to get people in the right mood to let their hair down, unleash their quirky sides and have some fun.Book Professional EntertainmentWe can help you with this one! Our platform provides you access to over 500 corporate ready entertainers, including A-list artists, inspiring speakers, mind-blowing magicians, and so much more. All of our entertainers are vetted on a whole range of qualities, from talent, experience and professionalism to personality and charisma.We specialize in virtual, hybrid, as well as in-person events, and our team is here to ensure that our clients get the best possible experience for their corporate events.If you’re planning an event for your employees and would like to treat them to something special, contact us today and let us help you take your corporate party to the next level!Learn more at bookwitheva.com.


Book a DJ, Bring a Vibe
Meet EVA- A team of passionate professionals in the events and entertainment industry who built a technology-driven platform (called EVA) that streamlines booking entertainment + interactive experiences for events of all kinds.When it comes to requests for entertainment at an event, we have truly seen it all. Through booking for corporate events, festivals, weddings, brand activations, you name it, we sometimes are finding, curating, sourcing talent that we may not have even know existed before that inquiry. One act that is most likely safe to say almost everyone has seen at an event though, is a DJ. DJs are more crucial to an event than what may meet the eye.They are there to create the vibe, ease any social jitters, create seamless transitions, and act as an added event host. Sourcing a DJ might seem like one of the easier entertainment requests to book, but with everything in mind that we just listed above that they need to oversee, it takes an experienced event maestro. And it’s up to us to make sure we get that DJ and event paired together correctly.At EVA, we vet entertainment with a few things in mind. Years of experience, professionalism, versatility, responsibility, charisma, personality, and the overall vibe that the entertainer helps create at events. We take all of this into account because we want to bring the best to the table for our clients and represent our industry well.Recently, we had a client come to us with a fun event opportunity to work on together. They are a destination management and event planning company and their client was launching in multiple cities. The entertainment need was a DJ in every city they were launching in to play at an event going on at the exact same time across the United States. This worked out well for us because at EVA, we are focused on building vetted entertainment communities in every major market in the country. We got to work and had them vetted options for every city within 24 hours based on our artist standards.Through hard work and preparation, the events went off without a hitch! The DJ’s were utilized as part of a multi-city brand launch for a new company. Our event management client assisted in creating activations for the Residents that would “surprise and delight” and help celebrate/introduce the new brand. For the last event, they created a summer pool party/roof top party (for those who did not have pools) and the DJ’s were a big part of that party. They helped create the atmosphere of a celebration/party and kept the residents engaged by taking requests and handing out SWAG. *Event recap provided by our client Sari Hill, CSI Nashville.The DJs enjoyed this unique activation as well which is just as important to us. We loved each of their vibes, and have added photos of a few of the DJs we booked for this event.JOEYUR — Los AngelesOrion Entertainment — SeattleErin Stereo — DenverDJ CJ Buckets — ChicagoDJ Barrington K. Miles — AustinDJ GRADEAY — SeattleWe look forward to bringing more opportunities to the table and great entertainers like these DJs to events.


Christmas in July: 5 Unique Holiday Entertainment Ideas
Christmas in July?? Yes, it’s a thing…at least we are making it one.As event planners are already coming to us for holiday events, we thought now would be the perfect time to spotlight our top holiday entertainment ideas. With groups finally beginning to meet back in-person again, holiday events will be even bigger and better this year.You may be wondering…when is the right time to start planning a holiday event? There’s no perfect answer for this since there are so many factors within one event (number of attendees, budget, event needs, etc). But from our perspective, it’s never too early. Entertainers book up so quickly around the holiday season.Just like shopping for clothes, you want to buy what’s in-season before the season actually hits. If you wait, everyone is shopping for the same thing, items go out of stock, and prices can go up. It’s the same with entertainment. It’s best to get them booked while their schedule is still open and you still have options.Get ahead of the game with these fun, high-quality entertainment options. We’re pulling out all the stops this year!Music Mashup and Mixology (Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events)Everyone loves good 🎶 and 🍹! Enjoy the unique, live looping style performance from musician and singer-songwriter Carl Wockner while also learning how to craft a delicious holiday cocktail from a mixologist. It’s truly the perfect pair.2. Holiday Caricature Party Experience (Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events)This experience features digital caricature artists giving each attendee a fun keepsake drawing, an incredible drumming DJ playing all of the holiday hits, and a special visit from Santa. Get your guests excited for the holidays with this unique package!3. Festive Strolling Entertainment (In-Person Events)Whether it’s an incredible ice skating show or a unique strolling entertainers, festive roaming entertainment is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your holiday event. A few popular options include carolers (check out this awesome a capella group: Street Corner Symphony), instrumentalists in LED costumes, holiday characters (see below), and more! 🎁4. DJ Dance Party (Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events)Whether you are having a virtual, hybrid, or in-person holiday event, a DJ is the best way to get the party started. Dance the night away to holiday classics, your favorite throwbacks, top trending songs, or even all of the above. Let the fun begin!(Check out these awesome DJs: J. Howard, DJ Roonie G, and Alanna Royale)5. Holiday Piano Bar (Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events)There’s nothing quite like getting in the holiday spirit with some holiday tunes on the 🎹! Pianist and singer-songwriter Julian Velard will wow your guests with his incredible musicianship. Enjoy a live holiday karaoke piano bar experience, holiday requests show, or a traditional piano bar show. Whatever piano experience works best for your event will make for a memorable night!These are just 5 great options out of the many unique holiday offerings we have. Reach out to us at lennon@bookwitheva.com to discuss your holiday event entertainment needs.You may want to move quickly because time is of the essence when it comes to booking holiday entertainment. Luckily, we are here to make it super easy.


Event Fails: Lessons Learned from Event Planners
How to Avoid Virtual and Hybrid Event Fails When virtual and hybrid events became a booming industry practically overnight, there was a lot that event planners didn’t know when organizing their events. It took trial and error (and event fails) until lessons learned became best practices. We’ve definitely seen our fair share of virtual events fails over the past year. Some of the mishaps would have made you cringe and some would have made you laugh out loud. With these 5 lessons learned, you are bound to be headed in the right direction for a successful virtual event. #1 — Choosing a platform before deciding your event goals. Always decide your event goals and design the layout of the event before choosing a platform. It’s important to find a platform that meets all of your needs rather than choosing a platform and then organizing your event based on what that platform can do. This will allow you to get the most out of your event and accomplish all of your events goals. #2 — Having an overload of presentations/sessions scheduled without time for breaks With virtual events, attendees are looking for more of an experience. They are on their computers everyday doing work, so attending an event that has a balance between work and play is their dream come true. When planning your event, include fun interactive segments of entertainment (music, mixology, magic, yoga, etc.) spread out randomly throughout your event’s schedule. According to Forbes article, a study on the scheduling platform Doodle showed that there was a “296% increase in group meetings for virtual-only happy hours, cocktail hours, wine/beer/drink social events,” and a “100% increase in group meetings booked for virtual-only yoga, dance, exercise, workout, fitness, aerobics, and Pilates sessions.” #3 — Assuming your event will go off without a hitch As we all learned in 2020…expect the unexpected. Make sure you test your platform multiple times before the event to make sure everything is running smoothly. You want you and your team to be total professionals of your event’s platform so that you know what to do when something happens. Also, make sure you do a sound check and run through with all of the speakers, hosts, entertainers, and anyone else who is involved in the event. This ensures that you can make any edits to their set up and answer any questions they may have. You don’t want a CATastrophe like this one… watch here! #4 — Not prepping your speakers, hosts, or entertainer Make sure all of your talent is familiar with the platform you choose to host your event on. Double check that they had time to explore it or even do a walk-through with them. The last thing you need is your event host not knowing how to virtually bring someone on stage or unmute themselves. If your talent is music, you will definitely want to do a sound check. Every platform is a little different so you will want to ensure that musicians test their levels and don’t get any feedback. #5 — Not taking advantage of basic audio and visual improvements It doesn’t take a lot to significantly improve the quality of your audio and video. The easiest thing you can do is declutter your space or make sure you have a solid background. If you don’t have anywhere in your home that is aesthetically pleasing, use a digital background! You can also use a ring light or just a lamp to improve your lighting and make yourself clear and visible. If you have a microphone — use it! You can get a quality microphone for about $20 and it will make a world of difference. Again if you are booking music, it is highly suggested that they use a microphone. Make your virtual event unforgettable…in the best way possible! Learn more about how EVA can help make your event a success at bookwitheva.com or speak with an event expert here.


How Virtual Experiences Drive Sales
Zoom fatigue is real, but virtual events are proven to drive sales. How do you make your virtual events less work for you and more engaging for your audience? Let’s start by looking at the types of virtual events and how entertaining your audience can increase word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately your revenue. According to ZoomInfo, 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate leads. Once you have determined your target audience, objectives, and topic, you can think about what kind of format you would like the event to take. Every event planner wants to create and deliver an event that meets their objectives — but how do you accomplish that, while delivering your content? Reported by Business Travel News, virtual events can learn a lot from video games. Travis Scott performed to over 27 million people virtually from his home using the Fortnite online gaming platform while the audience danced as avatars. This kind of magic is needed to eliminate virtual event fatigue and is within reach for event organizers everywhere. Whatever your budget and resources allow, there is a solution to make your event or meeting more memorable. Here at EVA, we have produced 150+ virtual events, each with quality entertainment, here are some of our favorite formats: Sessions To Inspire These are sessions to engage your office-based, remote or hybrid team. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions to inspire can increase employee engagement and productivity to support company objectives. These types of events are fun, easy to produce and can be short and sweet. Examples of these events include Game Time, Music Mashup and Caricature Drawings. For more ideas check out our Top 5 Event Ideas for 2021. See what a virtual caricature experience would be like! Virtual Travel Experiences Virtual travel experiences that you can enjoy from the comfort of your office chair or couch. Ever wanted to go to Nashville? Check the latest virtual travel experience EVA is producing. Learn more here. These types of events can engage a new or existing audience for your product or service, increasing word of mouth marketing and keeping your brand top of mind. An example of this is a virtual launch event that is targeted at high net worth individuals to showcase your new solution. Experience New Zealand — A Virtual Event To Inspire Wrapped around your showcase is a professional virtual wine and cheese tasting from a beautiful winery in New Zealand. The audience receives the wine and cheese delivered to their door in preparation for the event. The audience also experiences live and captivating cultural performances. Presentation Speakers give a talk with a live Q&A at the end. This is a great way to present an interesting topic or introduce a new perspective, data, product or solution. During a presentation there is an opportunity to provide a quiz to keep your audience engaged or booking a music artist to introduce your presentation or during the interlude, depending on the length of your event. Check out the incredible musical duo, Ni/Co! Breakout Rooms Your attendees discuss a particular topic and activity planned for the event and then they break out into smaller groups and report back to the main room after their activity is completed. An example of this is a live training event. Here you may wish to welcome your attendees with a professional host, an interactive game or start your event with a mind hacking magic trick that requires audience participation. Panel Discussion A panel of experts discuss a topic without a presentation. There could be a Q&A scheduled at the end or panelists could respond to a live feed of questions. Don’t have a panel of experts? You can book a speaker or thought leader for your event. A Virtual Conference This is the largest and most complicated type of event to organize. It’s like a physical conference that has multiple talks and sessions over 1–5 days. Due to the size of an event like this audience entertainment to increase engagement is essential. The list of opportunities here to engage, entertain and inspire is vast, if you would like to explore quality entertainment available for your conference, sign up on EVA, create an event, and view the profiles of the most popular entertainers. How Do You Know If Your Event Is Meeting Your Objectives? In addition to receiving audience feedback, you can use webinar benchmark research as a guideline to figure out if your event was successful in engaging your audience. Find a list of benchmark reports here. Most virtual event platforms collect data for your event so you can track your engagement stats and calculate your ROI. Need high quality entertainment for your next event? Sign up on EVA, create an event and get access to over 500 highly vetted entertainers and experiences.


Find Client Approved Entertainment in No Time
So you’re planning an event. Whether you are a professional event planner or were given this role by your company and need some guidance, there are many things to consider when it comes to virtual, hybrid and in-person events. The landscape is changing daily and attendees expectations are getting higher. Audiences have a plethora of options when it comes to virtual events they can choose to attend, so it’s important to have unique offerings. Live entertainment is a huge draw for in-person events, and it is the same with virtual. Everyone wants a break from educational content and spend more time connecting with each other and participating in something memorable. Booking entertainment for your virtual or hybrid event is critical for justifying the attendee value. Here are three steps in determining the type of content that works and how to access it. Step one, set goals These questions can help outline the content and agenda for your event: What type of experience do you want your attendees to have? Are they your clients, co-workers, or something else? How many people do you want to attend your event? Why is this event being organized in the first place? What is success to you and how will you measure it? What is the budget for your event? Will your audience pay to attend or is it free? What type of content can you book to make this event as memorable as possible? Do you even need entertainment? The definition of entertainment varies, but it is actually quite simple to identify. Entertainment can be a keynote speaker, an A-list artist, a magician, a mixology class, a comedian, or even a trivia game (see the blog on some of our popular virtual entertainment options here). Entertainment is an extremely important part to include in your agenda, especially if engagement is one of your event goals. If you want people to come back to your next event, giving them an interactive experience and access to quality content will be the best way to seal the deal. Fun, memorable experiences can also drive sales. If your audience is also your clientele, you will want to impress them as much as possible by being creative and booking content they can only access at your events. Entertainment is what people look forward to in virtual events, especially if it’s something people don’t see often, but how do you find quality entertainment fast? Find the Right Entertainment for Your Events If you are really trying to wow attendees and it is in your budget, A-list entertainment is the way to go. A speaker people have seen on TV or a musician people have heard on the radio will automatically give your event credibility. You may not have Oprah Winfrey’s number in your contacts, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have access to A-list talent. Many people assume they cannot contact people of this caliber but more and more celebrities are open to being booked for virtual events. If your budget doesn’t allow for Oprah but you still want to book a professional speaker, there are lots of quality options. Jason LeVasseur, Mike Wittenstein, and Barbara Rozgonyi are three examples of motivational speakers who are more affordable while still delivering a customized, inspiring talk. EVA is a platform that gives event planners instant access to quality entertainment. This company individually vets every act on their platform to ensure that their talent is not only superior but also professional and educated on corporate and virtual events. They have something for every price point and every event. How it works: Planners can go to bookwitheva.com, create an account and see all of the profiles of quality, vetted entertainers. Not sure exactly what you want? You can “Create an Event” on the platform. Fill out your event details (date, time, budget, type of talent you’re looking for) and EVA’s algorithm notifies acts that meet your criteria. Available acts will then respond with quotes within your budget. You can view their profiles which include videos, testimonials, and information to help you make the best decision on who to book. Once you’ve decided, you can pay online and contracts are generated to ensure everything goes smoothly. Interested in booking virtual entertainment for your next event? Sign up at bookwitheva.com or ask us a question/ talk to an event expert.


How to Win Event Business
Crafting a proposal for any event can be daunting. Whether you are planning a 90 minute experience for your client’s team or a programmed virtual, hybrid or in-person conference, no matter what, there’s a lot of information and education required in order to win that business. Companies have become more comfortable with virtual events in 2021 through a lot of trials and lessons learned, and the return of in-person events has event planners and their clients feeling some type of way. How can you stand out in the crowd and win that event business by presenting captivating ideas to your clients? The events industry now has a full year of data under its belts on how to optimize events for virtual. It is shortsighted to think that virtual events were only a quick fix during the pandemic. Companies are seeing the value of creating a hybrid event model for future events. Here are 3 stats you can share with clients on why they need to be considering new virtual event ideas and interactive opportunities alongside their in person events: 67% of businesses use virtual events complementary to in-person events. 49% of businesses are organizing up to 20–30 virtual events a year alongside their large annual in person events. 67% of events use interactive and gamification strategies to improve audience engagement for hybrid experiences. [source] After curating experiences and entertainment for over 150+ virtual events ourselves, we agree that it is extremely important to incorporate gamification, talent, and interactive programming to help level up a client’s virtual event. When we first started pitching virtual, we didn’t have a streamlined way to successfully highlight and showcase vetted ideas and vendors to our event partners for their virtual events. To fix that problem, we created a virtual event proposal template that helps us consistently present all of the event factors in a succinct format every time. Here is that proposal template and checklist to help you with your next pitch: View & Download Virtual Event Template Here Designing a proposal for virtual events will soon enough become second nature for all of us, but businesses need leaders in the industry like you to show them the way. Our team is dedicated to helping you do this by designing new and creative ideas for virtual event programming, interactive experiences, and entertaining moments. We would love to help you curate your client’s next great event. Need help with your virtual event proposal or pitch? Ask us a question/ talk to an event expert


Tips for Executing an Impactful Hybrid Event
Hybrid events are the way of the future. If you’re new to the virtual event world we are living in, a hybrid event consists of a live in-person component for face-to-face attendees as well as a virtual component for remote attendees. There are so many advantages, specifically attendees being able to connect across the globe. It basically offers the best of both worlds for attendees while also adding an extra layer of work for the event planner. It’s important to make your virtual component as engaging as the in-person component. You want both groups of attendees to have a quality experience which can take some thorough preparation. Below are some of our top tips for executing an impactful hybrid event. ★ Define Goals: It’s important to have a good understanding of your event goals before you begin planning each component of your hybrid event. Your goals can range from improving your customer satisfaction to bringing in direct revenue from the event. Setting these goals first thing will help determine how best to engage your audience. ★ Find a Reliable Platform and Event Producer: Hybrid events can have a lot going on. It’s important to work with a reliable platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate both components, and secure a producer to manage it all behind the scenes. Some incredible platforms that work great for hybrid events are SpotMe, Bizzabo, Brella, Hopin, Labz, FrontRow, and EventMobi. For hybrid events, in order to showcase a fully produced event and get the correct live feed to the virtual attendees — having an event producer orchestrate it is important if you don’t already have that person on your team. A few groups we recommend for large hybrid events that we like to work with are A&M Agency, Evolution Event Solutions, Lisa Hendricks (independent producer and producer with AFWERX Fusion). For the smaller activations, the team at EVA can handle it for you. ★ Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged: Since the virtual attendees will have the same experience as in-person attendees, you want to keep them as engaged as possible from their homes. This could include interactive networking opportunities, live Q+A’s, gamification on the platform, or entertainment sessions (cooking class, wine tasting, trivia, live (but virtual) musical performance, etc). ★ Curated Content for Each Component: When you start planning your content for your hybrid event, choose content that you know will be engaging for your virtual audience. Then, adjust that content to make it engaging for your in-person audience. While most content will be the same, not all of it should be. (Examples of differing content could include: session lengths, pre-recorded vs. live sessions, polling, Q+A, networking, etc.) ★ Have an Emcee for Your Virtual Component: Your in-person attendees will have an emcee guiding attendees throughout their day and so should your virtual attendees. This really helps to give them a sense of connection to the live event. The emcee helps to lead attendees through the different sessions, spotlight sponsors, encourage attendees to check out the virtual booths (if available), and provide a more personal experience for them. ★ Networking: One of the main reasons people attend events is to network and that doesn’t change just because some people will be attending remotely. A great way to get all attendees (virtual and in-person) interacting is through these networking options: simulive sessions (pre-recorded sessions) that allow all attendees to participate in a live chat, live polling and Q+A throughout the event, breakout rooms/ networking platforms, networking groups (Slack, Facebook, etc). Hybrid events come with more preparation for the planner and more advantages for attendees. With the right event producer, platform, and engaging content, your hybrid event will be a seamless success. If you have any questions about your upcoming hybrid event and/or the engaging experiences we offer at EVA, email us at support@bookwitheva.com or learn more at bookwitheva.com.


Creating Diverse & Inclusive Events in 2021
The world is filled with people telling you how you should be and what you should do. Especially after the past year we have had, social media is filled with different resources encouraging you to make a difference in your day to day life. This year we learned that making a difference requires a conscious effort. Going about events and life in general the same as we were before doesn’t work anymore (did it ever?). The first step is to not take offense. The work you are doing matters but the world is demanding that we each make more of an effort everyday to be diverse and inclusive. Even a small step can make a big difference to someone. Being diverse and inclusive at your event shouldn’t only happen during Black History Month. February is for honoring and acknowledging the impact that Black individuals have made and continue to make on our communities and country. However, every day should be spent making an effort to ensure that every person from every background and walk of life feels included. We wanted to share some useful information for event planners looking to create more welcoming and mindful event experiences. In order to give as valuable information as possible, we spoke with multiple individuals to gather their advice on how event planners can move forward in creating more inclusive events. One included Yolanda Caldwell, the Chief Diversity Officer at The College of Saint Rose, who gave some insightful advice and sparked much inspiration for this blog. Below you can find a few helpful tips, ideas, and reminders for how event planners can organize more diverse (or fully diverse) and inclusive events. ★ Make a conscious effort/go out of your way to add diversity and inclusivity to your event! Your audience is more diverse than you think. Set a goal/plan and stick to it every time. It can be uncomfortable getting out of your normal routine, but it is important to get past the discomfort to get to a better future. ★ Focus on the importance of inclusivity. To put its importance into perspective, think about a time when you really wanted to fit in or wanted to do something but there just wasn’t a place for you. When you are creating an event, you never want to make people feel like they do not belong. Creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone should be the most important aspect of every event. ★ Diversity and inclusion does not lie in one “genre”. Exposure to diversity can only benefit your event. Here are some ideas: Gender — How many females/women are attending/running your event? Is your event acknowledging pronouns? (They/them, Him/His, etc) Age — Is your event inclusive for all age groups? Can parents bring their children or can you offer a children’s section? Culture — Are you being considerate of different religions or holidays? Some religions do not allow people to attend events on Saturday nights or Sundays. Send out a message into the community or your team to make sure you are educated on your audience. Disability — Make sure to include closed captioning, flashing lights, accessibility, sign language, and/or any other disability based requests for your audience. Race — Are you marketing to different audiences from different backgrounds? Do your marketing materials represent that? Your audience is bigger than you think. Job Rank- Entry level people may also be interested in your event! Send an invitation to college campuses or local community centers. Same goes for the managers or CEOs. Include everyone if possible. These are only some of the options available. The list goes on and on. ★ Add a diversity committee to your team. Having a team specifically set aside to head up a diversity and inclusion initiative for your event is the best way to ensure that every person is taken care of and all needs are being met. ★ Being inclusive includes people with disabilities. HERE is a great guide that lists ways to make your online event more accessible. ★ Always remember that one small step leads to bigger steps. We hope this sparks some inspiration for you and your team to create more meaningful and inclusive events. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@bookwitheva.com!


4 Ways to Level Up Your Virtual Events in 2021
With 2021 finally upon us, it’s important to get ahead of the game in the ideation process for your next virtual event. People are expecting 2021 to be bigger and better than before so it’s important to find ways to take your event to the next level. Below are a few valuable ideas for creating an engaging and memorable virtual event this year. #1 — Live Interactive Games Live games and competitions are the perfect way to keep your audience involved throughout your event. Whether it’s in-between sessions, an entire session itself (happy hour, perhaps?), or an ongoing social media challenge, this is a fun and valuable way for your attendees to stay engaged. Custom themed trivia is one of the most popular games used within virtual events. You can even consider taking polls throughout the event to encourage attendees to interact during down time. One of our favorite interactive platforms that is perfect for any happy hour event and incorporates a ton of fun games is Hermis. A few popular game options on this platform include themed bingo, scavenger hunts, charades, and themed trivia. You can check it out here -> https://herm.is/. #2 — Elevated Production Go big with your virtual event and elevate the production value. There are so many virtual event platforms/ simulations now that create a gamified version of the event for attendees to explore and interact in (check out the platform Virbela here: https://www.virbela.com/ ). If you aren’t interested in the more gamified virtual event, consider taking your video production for your event to the next level. Virtual event producers are able to work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth event and professional appearance. They are also able to produce higher quality videos/livestreams which elevates your event and makes it look more like a tv production. Consider using animation and visuals throughout sessions to keep the audience engaged and keep the production value up. One of our incredible video production partners, Orange Thread, creates such unique and professional results (learn more about Orange Thread here: http://orangethreadlive.com/). Especially for paid events, attendees are expecting the event to feel different than a typical Zoom call. #3 — Keep it Short and Sweet Virtual events are most effective in a less lengthy and more thought provoking setting. Experience has shown that shorter virtual events are more impactful to the audience. Reduce the amount of sessions per day and/or make more sessions available on-demand. This way the audience is able to access that extra information post-event, but it doesn’t take away from the effectiveness during the event. It is hard for attendees to stay focused online for more than 2 or 3 sessions a day. If your event does need to be more lengthy to satisfy all of your event goals, make sure to space out the sessions throughout the week and include breaks and entertainment segments to keep attendees engaged and energized. #4 — Bring Your Virtual Event to Life Adding a personalized element brings your virtual event to life by giving attendees something memorable and makes the event feel more like an in-person and interactive event. Having promotional items from the event sent to each attendee is a great way to advertise for your next event as well. We work closely with our partner at Hip Hues to create incredible swag boxes that include customized items (learn more about Hip Hues here: https://bookwitheva.com/artists/hiphuesexperiences ). Don’t want to do the typical t-shirt, pen, or notebook route? Send your attendees custom items that go with a specific experience. Maybe the happy hour session features a mixology or cooking class and each attendee receives ingredients for that class. This may seem like an afterthought to you at first, but these small touches can really create brand loyalty. Plus, it builds excitement for the events you host in the future (so a win-win)! To learn more about taking your virtual event to the next level with EVA this year, head over to bookwitheva.com or reach us at support@bookwitheva.com. Let’s make it the best one yet!


How to Take Your Event Virtual in a Short Amount of Time
Taking your event virtual doesn’t mean it’s going to be a long and hard transition. It can actually be very easy and seamless when you do it the right way, even if you are short on time. First, define how your event is going to translate over to virtual and set its goals. Will it practically be the same as if it was in-person or are there elements that will not transfer over to virtual well? This is important to note because it helps you lay out your event agenda as well as pick your platform. You may have to get a little creative with some aspects. Secondly, decide which event platform will fit your event’s specific needs and goals. Maybe your event isn’t very in depth and Zoom would be an easy option. Or maybe your event requires different features that fit best with a different platform. It’s important to get this figured out as soon as possible so that you can prepare your audience and speakers. If you aren’t using Zoom and still want an easy platform to navigate, we highly recommend Hopin. Next, get a list together of special guests you want at your event. Whether it’s speakers, entertainment, or your host, it’s important to get this squared away quickly. If you need help finding speakers or topics, ask connections in your industry and/or potential attendees if they have any suggestions. This will help you find out who and what people are interested in hearing about. Don’t forget to include entertainment in your virtual event. This has proven to be one of the best ways to keep attendees engaged and attentive. Whether it’s a fun round of trivia in between sessions or an exciting happy hour performance and Q+A with a well known entertainer, virtual entertainment helps bring the event to life. (Interested in booking virtual entertainment? Visit www.bookwitheva.com) After booking your entertainment and speakers/hosts, it’s important to get this info out into the public for marketing and registration purposes. This is a great way to promote your event and get individuals interested in registering. Find fun ways to promote your speakers and entertainment that gets attendees excited. It’s always a great idea to ask all special guests to create a short promo video that you can use for marketing your event. Also, make sure to schedule a time for your special guests to get a run through of the platform and have a sound/tech check. The transition from an in-person event to a virtual event doesn’t have to be difficult or more time-consuming. When you follow the right steps and find what works best for your event, you will have successful results. Enjoy the process and embrace the change!


6 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas
With the holidays just around the corner (I know…we can’t believe it either), it’s time to start planning how you are going to spread some much needed holiday cheer. Whether it’s for your company, event, friends, or family, virtual holiday parties are the perfect way to connect and celebrate this wonderful time of the year. Check out some of our favorite virtual holiday party ideas below! 1. Holiday Themed Trivia We all love a little healthy competition, especially when it involves trivia. Holiday themed trivia is the perfect way to connect, interact, and test the brains of your group. This relaxed game is a great way to kick off the holiday season virtually. Maybe even consider adding in a mixologist who will lead your group in creating the perfect festive cocktail before the trivia game begins. 2. Festive Baking + Cooking Classes Nothing screams the holidays quite like FOOD. Give everyone the opportunity to learn delicious recipes from top chefs. Whether it’s yummy comfort foods or festive baked goods, your attendees will leave this event with full bellies and feeling like the next Martha Stewart. This is the perfect option for your attendees’ families at home to get involved as well. This interactive experience is truly the gift that keeps on giving! 3. Winter Themed Painting + Sips Let your artistic side go wild this holiday season! This fun and relaxing holiday party experience is a great way to bring your event attendees together. Enjoy a night of painting, chatting, and sipping your drink of choice while being led by an experienced painter. This experience is perfect for all skill levels and is another fun way to get your attendee’s families involved! 4. Musical Performance of Holiday Classics + Mixologist Enjoy a night of your favorite holiday classics while sipping a festive holiday cocktail! Holiday music performed by an up-and-coming artist is a great way to spread joy throughout the season. Make each of your attendees their own bartender for the night as they learn how to make the perfect cocktail from a professional mixologist. Customize this experience to fit your specific event perfectly! 5. Mulled Wine + Yoga We could all use a little R&R this time of year! This is a great way to give your attendees a self-care session that is always much needed during this busy season. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or another wellness session, this is a great way to bring your attendees together for a relaxing time. Craft and sip delicious mulled wine throughout the session as it adds to the holiday themed ambiance. 6. Santa Surprise We all love surprises, especially when it’s the holidays! Surprise your virtual event attendees with Santa to get everyone in the holiday spirit. No, this isn’t just for kids. Santa can “hack” into your event and provide some much appreciated comedic relief. Maybe you have some exciting news to share with your team/event attendees and want a special, holiday themed way to share it? The options are endless with Santa…he’s just that magical! Each year, everyone looks forward to holiday parties where they are able to connect, relax, and celebrate with good company. Just because your event is going virtual doesn’t mean it has to be any less memorable or festive. With these holiday party ideas, you are sure to create a festive, joy-filled experience for your attendees. And after this year…I think we could all use a little extra joy! Need help making your virtual holiday party happen? Contact us at support@bookwitheva.com to learn more about booking these holiday-themed options for your event.